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NEOKNET Wireless Internet Service Provicer Pryor Ok
Wireless Internet Service Provider Pryor Ok
Hereís What You Get With NEOKNET:
No cable, satellite or telephone line subscription required
Short-range radio link avoids the high latency and reliability
        problems associated with satellite Internet access

Support for any number of computers on your network
Fully automated, plug-and-play MAC based authentication
        (no troublesome PPPoE or other authentication software required on your computer)

Complementary firewall protection
Additional e-mail addresses, networking, etc. are also available.
NEOKNET uses start-of-the-art equipment to provide our customers with the best possible service and high speed internet experience. This includes, but isnít limited to, Wireless Broadband Subscriber Modules (only 11.75" Square), Firewall, Router, Ethernet Surge, Suppressor and Ethernet Cables.

24/7 Wireless Internet Connection
Wireless Internet Access uses high-frequency radio technology to transmit and receive data to and from your home or business. There's no telephone line and no dialing; you're always connected. A small radio transceiver is mounted on your home or office building that establishes the connection with one of our broadcast locations. Because the radios require clear line of site between the transmitting and receiving antennas, the radio is typically mounted on the roof, chimney or on an existing television antenna mast.

For More Information
For more information about this service or to determine if the service is available for your home or office, request a site survey.


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