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NEOKNET Wireless Internet Service Provicer Pryor Ok

NEOKNET Rate Plans:

Basic Wireless Package: $39.95 per month
Premium Wireless Package: $49.95 per month

Thereís a one time install fee of $100 with any of our Monthly wireless packages. This includes professional installation of our wireless equipment and wiring to ONE computer. If you want more then one computer wired and hooked to the service, there is addition installation wiring fees, ask us for details.

Equipment rental is included in the package pricing. We will need to install a wireless receiver on your house that will be aimed at one of our towers. The equipment we install remains the property of NEOKNET and must be returned if you cancel your service. If you wish to use your service with more then 1 computer, you will need a Hub. We can install a hub with your service for an additional $50. This hub will allow you to have Internet access on up to 4 computers the same time.

NEOKNET installs and provides all equipment needed. The only thing you need is a computer with a networking port. Networking ports ďaka Ethernet portsĒ come on almost all computers, but can be added to most computers during the install for $45, if it doesnít have one.

Service Agreements:
We require a 18 month service agreement on all of our plans. This simply means you must keep the service for at least 18 months or there is an early service termination fee of $200. We require a valid credit or debit card be kept on file. You donít have to use this credit card for billing. You can pay for your service by Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit Card. If you donít have a valid credit or debit card in your name, there is a $200 equipment deposit required. The equipment deposit is refundable as long as you fulfill your service contract requirement and we get our equipment back, if you cancel your service.

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