2018 Application


Proof of requirements and PHOTO ID will need to be provided at pickup.

Mayes County Angel Tree Application 2018


Please read the following directions completely; and, confirm that you have read them, prior to moving on to complete the application.

All information you need to successfully apply to the Mayes County Angel Tree Program is located here.


All applications are due by 5 p.m., Wednesday October 31st. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXTENSIONS


Please collect ALL necessary information: Child correct sizes and extra gift (under $20) ideas before you begin the application!

PLEASE carefully check your child’s sizes before you begin the application. Once you enter and confirm the sizes, those are the sizes your child will be given.


You MUST have a valid, working email account!  If you do not, you will not be able to get the link to the Angel Tree application. Nor will you receive important communications and instructions from Angel Tree. Please

double check the spelling of your email before you confirm it. If you have any spaces, misspellings, etc. your application WILL NOT be accepted.


The person applying MUST be the legal guardian for the minor. If more than one adult applies for a child, the custodial guardian will receive top priority. In all circumstances the Angel Tree staff will determine which application will be accepted.


We only accept children between birth and 15. Your child CANNOT become 16 before January 1, 2019. You must live in Mayes County, or the child must attend a Mayes County school.


You or your children CANNOT be on any other gift assistance programs. Those programs include, but are not limited to: Cherokee Nation, the child’s school, Mayes County Foster Care Angel Tree, DHS, businesses, organizations, churches, etc. We do communicate and check with these programs and cross-reference the applications. If you are on multiple programs; you risk the chance of being kicked off ALL of them. Household income may not exceed the following income requirements.


Household size Gross Monthly income

2 $1800.00

3 $2275.00

4 $2750.00

5 $3225.00

6 $3700.00

7 $4175.00

8 $4650.00

Each additional +$475.00


Your Application MUST be completed in its entirety, or it will not be filled. If your child does not need a specific item listed (such as a coat or shoes), please mark “not needed” and that particular item will not be filled.

If your child only needs toys this program is NOT for you. Mayes County Angel Tree exists primarily to provide clothing for the children.


Required documents for PICK UP (you will need ALL) without them you will NOT be able to receive your gifts


Photo ID: Driver’s License, other state or federal government issued photo ID, or a Tribal Card


Proof of School Enrollment: Report card or letter from your child’s school. If your child is not of school age, bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate or Sooner Care card


Proof of Income for ALL Household Residents 18+: Past 2 pay stubs, DHS documentation to prove TANF and/or food stamps. If You Are Unemployed: Letter from an appropriate agency stating you are receiving assistance and stating how you are supporting yourself and your family.


Proof of Your Current Address: Current utility bill, letter from landlord, etc. The document must include the name of the parent/guardian. It is VERY important that you show up on one of the TBD pick-up dates, at the designated times; if not you will forfeit your child’s gifts. We will NOT deliver, nor will we hold gifts.  It is your responsibility to make sure to be there.


If you need someone else to pick up your child’s gift, they must have a handwritten note, signed by you, giving them permission. They will also need to bring ALL required pick up documents, same as you, with them and provide their PHOTO ID.


IMPORTANT: Please check your emails often for any messages from Angel Tree if we have any questions on your application this will be the way we contact you. If you do not respond it will delay your child’s angel from going out for adoption.


Pick up date is still TBD but you will receive an email with pickup date, time and location by Monday, November 19th, if you have not received this information by then please contact us @ Angel Tree Team


Please DO NOT call the Pryor Chamber of Commerce to ask questions about this program. The Chamber’s workload this time of the year is particularly heavy; and, there is not always someone in the office to answer your questions. If you need assistance we are very happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us @ Angel Tree Team and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.


To accept the above statement, please provide your email address and click


If you do not receive an email please check you SPAM box first. Then contact our Angel Tree Team @ Angel Tree Team